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It’s All About – Braids, Braids, Braids

March 06, 2014

This hair trend has made a huge comeback over the last couple years. I must say I did at first shy away from jumping onto the braid bandwagon. My childhood memories of my hair being pulled and my scalp being tortured whilst being braided had still not faded but slowly slowly I did warm up to giving this classic another go.

Braids have undergone quite a makeover. No longer sleek and pristine (and also in my case, not covered in glitter hairspray) they are much softer and more organic in appearance. Whether you prefer to have your braids at the back, on the side or along the front framing your face here are a few essentials you may like to try to help you re invent this old classic.

1. GHD Tail Comb

You never see a hairdresser without one of these trusty tools. For sectioning, back combing and tucking in any rogue hairs a tail comb is a styling must have. GHD’s version is hand crafted with super fine teeth and anti static properties. The tail end is perfect to loosen sections of the braid to create that softer more undone appearance.

2. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

There are so many salt sprays on the market but out of all the ones I’ve tried this is by far my personal favourite. A vital product for styling hair, this salt infused spray adds the perfect gritty texture needed to hold your braid in place.

3. Snag Free Hair Elastics

These small plastic elastics come in a variety of colours to match your hair and provide lots of grip to keep everything secured. I love them because they are not bulky and therefore don’t distract from your beautiful weaving skills leaving everyone to admire your gorgeous braided do.

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